The Devil’s Left Hand Movie Review

July 11, 2023

When it comes to independent horror, it is very common for producers and directors to push boundaries that should never be crossed. Constraints should be an integral part of your idea, and your concept should be built from what you can do in terms of budget to tell a story about a Genre that is often ignored by most. This is something that becomes clear soon enough in Harvey Wallen’s the Devil’s left hand.

Wallen knows exactly who his Film is made for. With the devil’s left hand, he doesn’t want to impress anyone, and we could almost blame him for holding back in a Genre where The absence of rules often improves everything. Fortunately, being aware of your abilities makes your Film more digestible. He always keeps control of a story that works for some and seems too simple for others. I just wanted to have fun with a horror movie, and this is what I got. You know what I’m going to say next.

In the devil’s left hand, a group of friends gather to attend a session during a housewarming party. Yes, for fun! As if in the past people weren’t dead/scared to away/possessed by this. Anyway, things take a bad turn when a physical Manifestation seems to be too much for the group. You’ve made contact and it’s too late.

Richie is affected by the event. A very traumatic past is enough to make him see things after suspecting that his deceased father may have come back to haunt him. Her mother is in bed in a mental institution and she is also suffering from the trauma. You will have to ask for the help of the medium with whom it all started to action a demon whose ability ranges from shape shifting to physical damage caused to anyone on his way.

Trauma is always a major selling point for horror movies, because it allows a drama to become part of the plot. It’s no longer about the fear of leaps and overused horror tropes to make a point in horror. Wallen is not getting into a cheap planned train. He prefers to delve into Richie’s story to focus the Film on the power of his inner demon and how you can push the limits if the guy is weak enough. The secondary characters who surround him are an emotional collection that allows him to achieve what he aspires to. In a third act that passes in a few minutes, the demon’s power becomes obvious and the devil’s left hand becomes a horror film in its own right.

The film is not perfect. You will ask questions about certain appliances in the property (the safe in the kitchen?), and some signs are … not necessary. But this does not affect the experience. Wallen’s depiction of horror knowledge is used to his advantage to create an independent horror that could serve as a presentation of his skills. As a horror film, it seems incomplete. But as an approach To A horror subgenre, it’s quite promising.

And if you don’t know what I meant before by “you know what I’m going to say next,” here it is: sometimes it’s all about having fun, and Wallen’s independent approach to a property film was good enough for that.

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