Katie’s Mom Movie Review

August 21, 2023

You may or may not agree with some of Hollywood’s riskiest stories. It always depends on the filmmakers who can sell you a concept of something immoral or false, inevitable even in the face of love or lust. We have gone through countless stories of this kind and we are always fed with ideas that play with the possibility of changing our minds about the “detours” related to love.

Katie’s mother is a more relaxed version of these stories. You shouldn’t ask a lot of questions about this, because the focus is on an ideal consequence that is far from realistic and possible in a normal world. But hey, it’s fiction, and Love can tend to be casual if you’re not supposed to play by the rules.

The Film tells the story of Nancy, a mother who was emotionally destroyed by her divorce, and the relationship that her Ex-husband started. The very first scene of the film shows her checking her social media posts and inadvertently “liking” them. This will give you an idea of how things work in this recently separated family. Nancy’s son and daughter are said to be hanging out with her over the holidays at a celebration linking Hanukkah and Christmas, but only Katie shows up. And she is not alone.

Alex is attractive, but Nancy doesn’t hold back either. The chemistry between Nancy and her son-in-law is almost automatic, leading her on the inevitable path of hot and never orgasmic. Of course, it doesn’t take long for everyone to find out. In the standard document that these films pass, modifications are allowed only in the third act. Then Katie’s mother is solved with a light perspective that does not fit. The moral compass of the film is rejected to let the past be the past for a united family. Polyamory is introduced into the picture in a very unpleasant scene, and suddenly we are not interviewing people.

Apart from the steamy love scenes of Katie’s mother, the remains on the suggestive side of things. A fucking shame, if you ask me, since Dina Meyer and Aaron Dominguez, who play Nancy and Alex respectively, are the best things about the film. A movie about her would have been wonderful. Both actors have enough presence to make Katie’s mother a more convincing experience than she actually is. The comedy element was too clumsy to work; Everything about and relationships feels like a disproportion when it’s not about Nancy and Alex together. Yet perhaps it could have been deliberately approached this way because we are not supposed to feel anything about someone who is not her.

A modern version of the graduate? It’s hard to say. Mike Nichols’ film was relentless when it came to portraying the consequences of an affair. With Katie’s mother, a group photo seems to solve everything. However, I like to think that this is it for Nancy. If this photo represents the idea that she continues to live the way she deserves to live, then I’m for it.

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