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July 16, 2023

Since I started planning my trip to California, Los Angeles has been the main attraction. Movies have been, are and probably will be my life. And this is the place where movie was born as an joyfull medium. The trip would be filled with attractions of all kinds, but I was sure that it would be some kind of history lesson. I would finally be where some of my favorite movies were shot (Yes, I knew it didn’t work that way, but the idea was indelible in my head). However, there was a catch. I wouldn’t be alone and my significant other shares some of the love, but she’s not as passionate as I am.

So the film studio tours were a conversation that I had to start over and over again. The cost, the limited number of days, the pleasure. Everything was questioned, but in the end, it didn’t take much persuasion, because studio visits are not just that. It doesn’t revolve around ensembles as many people think. There are many more. However, there is still a catch. It all depends on which one you take.

I will not explain more details about the trip. We just agreed to visit the ones we could and do the ones we knew we had to go. So we ended up in Burbank to explore the foundations of Warner Bros. studios. The following is not a guide. I am not a travel specialist. My thing is movies, and I can tell you about them. And if you like movies, Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood is a must!

And no, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like them as much as I do, because it is precisely these types of experiences that will allow you to appreciate “how animated images are made”. I am sure of this because I was with a Jehovah’s witness whose love of movie and television went beyond what we thought.


Don’t get me wrong. There is a walk in the Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood. Just not so much that you’re tired of it. In addition, you will probably forget about the excessive effort as soon as you enter the first exhibition, the Storytelling Showmatter. The memories are abundant, just as you would expect from Studios of this caliber. Fortunately, experience designers strive to find out more and teach you About The place where you are. This is history in the making, and if you visit this, you will be part of it. After a few photos and a glimpse of JR’s boots and hat and Phoebe’s guitar, you literally walk into a movie theater.

There, we’ll show you a Supercut. A very emotional one that indicates that 100 years have passed and that you will be part of the celebration. After that, it’s time to roll! To the Backlots.

A very comfortable golf cart takes you to the backyards to explore the real places where the movies are filmed. You will actually get a glimpse of the actual sets, but you will also learn why some TV shows look exactly the same and why some of their elements are surprisingly similar, regardless of the time. After a few stops, you can sit in front of the Friends’ Well (thanks to the guide, who kindly took photos for you), and you walk around the grass section where Phoebe walked Funny. Yes, Friends Fans need to come here and see the Gellers go home. Even the Fans of Casablanca, they will be delighted. My absolute favorite stop of this part of the tour was standing in the same place where the third act of The Monster Squad was filmed.

Each Studio would end its tour at that time. After all, we came to see this, right? Fortunately, the Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood experience goes beyond expectations.

Next is Step 48, a room where you can recreate elements from your favorite movies and TV shows. From a central advantage to an exhibition on the stages of film making (for film lovers, it will be fantastic!), there is something for everyone, including more (impressive) souvenirs and interactive experiences (children will have fun too). Here you also have the opportunity to sit in a recreated set of friends and the Big Bang Theory. If your thing is gift shops and you like friends, get ready. That’s it.

After that, the tour continues. We enter the world of DC with a huge exhibition better seen than told. From the vehicles to the costumes, chances are that your mind is disassembled and assembled compared to what Warner Bros Studios have planned to do to make the studio visit much better than others. Oh yes, and no matter which Version of Batman you prefer, there is something from every Franchise. Do you want to guess what I mean? I’ll give you a tip: vehicles.

Or maybe you’re into Harry Potter? The recreations are really great. And this is where the battery of your mobile phone will be discharged from all the photos that you are going to take. This is a very niche-oriented part of the tour, but chances are you’ll enjoy it anyway.

Do you still want to go shopping? The visit ends with the Studio Store. Prepare your wallets and credit cards. You will spend money, whether you like it or not.


When it comes to studio visits that need to be planned during your stay in Los Angeles, it doesn’t get any better than this. Why? This is not just a studio tour, but an experience through years of film and television production. It was completely unexpected in terms of what you can find on the Internet about the comparison of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood with others of this type. Everyone has their own value, and Warner Bros has made the experience more fun, family-friendly and much more interactive. That and the gift shops are massively better than the others.

The writers’ strike is also a reality that the Studios have to face, and the rest of them were, so to speak… dead. No active production means that there are no shows. The Warner Bros. One is the only one that has something to do besides browse the Backlots, buy movie stuff and visit sound stages.

You’ve probably read that you can do it in 2-3 hours, but it will probably take longer. If you are in Burbank, it must mean that you like movies, and if you do, be prepared to spend more than 3 hours. It’s not the fault of the leaders or anything. It’s so huge, in fact, and oddly enough, this is the only tour that allows you to go through some of the exhibitions yourself. Is it worth the money? You can bet on it!

Are you visiting LA soon? Plan your visit to the Studio Tour. You will not regret it!

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