Boonie Bears Back to Earth Movie Review

August 17, 2023

Boonie Bears: Back to Earth is one of the kind of films that are only possible in our time: perfectly animated films running on a powerful engine that proves the value of technology in modern storytelling. It is not a Film made without effort, but the medium no longer represents an impossible task. There is a unique reason why we need to celebrate films like this: they offer potential filmmakers a new opportunity to tell their stories.

The story is quite simple: Bramble is a wild bear whose only goal is to eat ice cream. He will do everything to get it. Yes, even if objects fall from the sky and a robotic bipedens him, his goal is ice. After a while, the two creatures (who in the costume turned out to be a cute cat) meet to action a nasty villain with lines of dialogue like “I could have knocked, but a CEO always makes a big entrance” after knocking down a wall. Yes, a guy with a cool hairstyle and a modern suit.

The evil Agenda is not entirely clear, but it’s not even that important. What’s really captivating about the Film is the friendship between Bramble and Avi, which basically grows out of nowhere, and a great message about how to find your place in the struggle between good and evil, no matter where it happens in the universe.

You won’t be able to get much out of the story development in Boonie Bears: Back to Earth. It is a film entirely based on Gags that have been made countless times in the past. Yes, even the bad guys are undressed, revealing little pink underwear. But hey, a transvestite bear who is exposed when he pulls a “Marilyn on the subway rust train”? It almost takes us back to the days when Bugs Bunny was allowed to do everything.

Given the Purpose of the film, the basic plot will not even make children cringe because of everything that happens in the Film. You will enjoy every second of it. The Tempo, the fantastic special effects, the score. There is even a musical sequence to comply with the rules of major Hollywood productions. Boonie Bears: Back to Earth is a show for children and it doesn’t aim to be anything else. More than one will ask for an Avi figurine. Yes, this cat is great. Sara Secora and Joseph S. Lambert gives their voice to the main characters of the film and their work is quite good.

The feature film is based on a Chinese animated series that has become the most popular children’s show in the country. This makes the film a bit risky when it shows stereotypes about Asians. I don’t know how this is taken, but it’s quite strange that it never feels exaggerated and only works as a joke based on the physical endurance of the villains.

Hey Bramble, I feel you when you say “I have to work all day and there is never a snack”.

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